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Courtney Bueckert
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DW Fandom > Your Fandom. Yes, oh so much better.

"Most fandoms have some pretty deep canon. The Doctor Who fandom can tell you the concentrations of gas in the atmosphere of the home planet of the main character.

It actually was on my feed XD

It actually was on my feed XD>Pinning it for its truth and the fact that the two pins it was pointing at were Sherlock XD


Did you know that it actually is fake? When I snap my middle finger doesn't touch my palm. Or maybe I'm just that talented.they always said I was special. Hmmmm<<It hits my hand but not my palm

Omg it worked XD

Pinning to test this. okay I'm editing it now after pinning it and it didn't work on me, but my friend who sent it to me said it worked on her, so I guess it works on some.lest see if this works