50+ Resources at USC for Student Entrepreneurs and Startups

SoGal Founder @pocketysun sharing lessons learned in entrepreneurship! http://bit.ly/1KnHqZe

It's October, and now is the time to come up with ideas for Christmas presents for everyone on your Christmas list. These 11 ideas will be sure to inspire.

SoGal Founder @pocketysun sharing lessons learned in entrepreneurship!

A 24 y/o Female Venture Capitalist’s Advice To Female Entrepreneurs

This article answer to the consideration “Is the laptop dead for businesses?" using the result on a survey conducted over SMB U.

First blog post by SoGal Ventures partner Elizabeth Galbut!

Yes, I’m a 26 y/o Female Venture Capitalist. Here’s How & Why:

Yes, I’m a 26 y/o Female Venture Capitalist.

3 Secrets That Will Make Millennial Women Successful Entrepreneurs

My USC graduate education culminated with a thesis to fulfill my requirements of earning my masters in communication management from the Annenberg School for Communications.

Research Spotlight: Why the World Needs More Female Entrepreneurs | GirlsUp

(Written by Isabel Hirama) At GirlsUp, we believe that when the power of female entrepreneurship is fully unleashed, the world won’t .

Flex Your Entrepreneurial Muscles with GirlsUp | GirlsUp

GirlsUp, a new startup founded by a USC student Pocket Sun, is a community that many female entrepreneurs always dreamed of joining.

How I Gained Control Of My Happiness | GirlsUp

Guest Post - Written by Jessica Howell A little over a year ago, I found myself having a panic attack in my little apartment.

GirlsUp: The Power of Just Do It! | GirlsUp

Joining GirlsUp has empowered me by opening doors to an entirely new career and lifestyle: entrepreneurship. It was a year ago when I start.