I love Canadian humor. It pleases Americans.

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Meanwhile at the US-Canada border. For everyone wondering, yes, snow does suddenly appear once you cross the border from America.

West Coast Flag

By Nigel Fox (Ojibwe) Artwork canadian flag. I vote we replace the regular maple leaf flag with this one. So distinctive as opposed to so bland.

Yay! Somebody recognizes that we did fight in the war of 1812!

Serious motivation, seriously (17 Photos)

Pirate ninjas are nothing compared to our Lumberjack Commandos (irl, these men are called Assault Pioneers).

When two Canadians made tennis a winter sport. | 21 Real Moments That Are So Canadian It's Actually Painful

21 Real Moments That Are So Canadian It's Actually Painful

Because you can drink Beer out of our Trophies. #Canadian Canadian beer in New Zealand - http://www.beerz.co.nz/tag/beer-nz/ #Canadian #beer #nzbeer #newzealand

Why Canadians are smarter than Americans - we can drink beer out of our championship trophies! NHL There's also the Memorial Cup,

Police complaint response

In Canada, a woman called to complain of noisy kids. This is how the Mounties responded. :) I'm pretty sure this happened in Newfoundland !

Mountie, beaver and canoe

Mountie, beaver and canoe

WWII Canadian war propaganda

WWII Canadian war propaganda