Creative Bison Tube Geocache Hides

Bison tubes are the typical nano geocache. However they can be made into fun geocaching hides as these examples show.
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a person is fixing a fire hydrant on the side of a wooden fence with two hands
A cool geocache in Kitchener Ontario. I might want a good hint though; you could get in trouble if you dismantled a tap that wasn't the cache!
a person holding a cell phone in their hand near a tree and another photo of a field
#geocaching #geocache #natur #schweiz
a rock with a piece of metal embedded in it's center surrounded by rocks
As if a bison tube #geocache isn't hard enough to find normally.... (geocaching_steveandrhonda pic) #IBGCp
a butterfly lamp hanging from a tree branch
Sharon B on X
Butterfly bison! The final container of an AR #geocache. (Sharon B. pic) #IBGCp
two pictures of an old metal object with moss growing on it
Shop Geocaching on Twitter
Have you ever wanted to hide a #geocache in a crab but couldn't get them to stop moving? Well, this might be a solution for you! Crab and go! #IBGCp
a red object hanging from a tree next to a river
Geocaching Jangie on Twitter
Funny how something as simple as putting googly eyes on a bison tube #geocache can make it stand out and more fun. (pic posted by Geocaching Jangie) #IBGCp
there is a statue of a bear on a log in the grass next to a pole
Geocaching Jangie on X
What better for Geocaching Jangie's Bison on Plains #geocache series than a bison with a bison tube? #IBGCp
two pictures of trees that have been cut down and the same tree has been stripped off
Geocaching Jangie on Twitter
Sneaky bark bison tube hide. "Wood" you notice it? :) (Geocaching Jangie #geocache) #IBGCp ‏
the bark on this tree is covered in lichen and moss, with a green bottle filled with insecticide
When hiding a bison tube #geocache in the woods isn't hard enough by itself. (ejkpbr pic) #IBGCp
two pictures of a mushroom on the side of a road, one with a green marker
Geocaching Jangie on Twitter
This is no ordinary mushroom. It's a #geocache! 3D Printing is opening up new ideas for #geocaching hides. (pic by The Geocaching Junkie) #IBGCp
an animal that is sitting on a tree
Sarah McLarkey on Twitter
When the #geocache name is ‘just another bison’... and then your low expectations are smashed! (pic by The Geocaching Junkie) #IBGCp
a hand holding a blue butterfly on top of a cement block next to a fence
Kim Blaze & Buzz 🐾 on X
Sneaky #geocache hide on a wooden stile. (Kim Leonard pic) #IBGCp
someone is holding an orange cup next to a tree
Kim Leonard Blaze & Buzz 🐾 on Twitter
A tricky way to hide a bison tube #geocache. (Kim Leonard pic) #IBGCp
a person holding a stick in their hand next to a stream and snow covered trees
A beautiful owl #geocache. (nusut_geocaching pic) #IBGCp
an ornament is hanging on a tree in the woods
This bison tube #geocache has a caretaker. (nusut_geocaching pic) #IBGCp
four different photos with the words creative diy tubes for geocaching in green and white
Creative Bison Tubes for Geocaching
Does your family geocache? Ideas for creative Bison Tubes for #Geocaching.
an apple hanging from a tree branch with green leaves and branches in the foreground
The fruit have eyes! Can you spot the bison tube #geocache hanging below? (cacherista pic) #IBGCp
two rings sitting on top of a rock in the middle of some rocks and trees
The title of this #geocache was 'Smile' and the clue said 'bison inside natural container'. :-) (cacherista pic) #IBGCp
a person is fixing a fire hydrant on the side of a wooden fence with two hands
A cool geocache in Kitchener Ontario. I might want a good hint though; you could get in trouble if you dismantled a tap that wasn't the cache!
two pictures of a spider and a mouse on the floor, one has a wire attached to it's head
Plan 9 on X
Some cool #geocache creations from Mogilny's 76! #IBGCp
there are two different views of the same object
3D Printed Geocaches | Lampay - Geocaching Jangie
Neat sign post #gecache cap. A great way to hide a bison tube! (GeoJangie pic) #IBGCp
a tube of toothpaste sitting on the floor
Bison tube paint job by Mogilny's 76‏ to make this nano #geocache even tougher to find. #IBGCp
an old birdhouse with the word thunder written on it's side in front of some leaves
Here's a way to make a bison tube #geoache hide fun. The hiding spot is easier to see than a tube by itself, but you still have to work to get your smiley! (geocaching_with_nickanddonna pic) #IBGCp
a person is holding a small metal object in their hand on the sidewalk near some rocks
Sneaky fake rebar #geocache hide in Lithuania. A bison tube is just the right size for this.
a hand is holding a small wooden statue
Little gnome #geocache guardian. Looks like he's doing a victory dance! (lareau67 pic)
a hand is holding an object in front of the camera and it's gear
A very sneaky hide in the end of a bridge. Nice way to camo a bison tube to make it even harder to spot. (eat.sleep.cache.repeat pic) #IBGCp
a person holding a cell phone in their hand near a tree and another photo of a field
As if a camo bison geocache in the woods wouldn't be hard enough to find already! (putzi_jamie pic)
a hand holding a tiny red object with a black crown on it's head
Caz Mockett on X
A Gruesome discovery while out geocaching a Zombie Apocalypse series. Might not be the best geocache for little kids, & hopefully no muggles call CSI! (Caz Mockett‏ pic) #IBGCp
a blue bottle sitting on top of some rocks
A little rock camo holder for a bison tube #geocache
a hand holding a pencil near a pine cone on a tree trunk and another hand holding a piece of wood in front of it
Pine cone geocache. Have you ever found a cache like this? Might take a bit of skill to keep the pine cone from falling apart as you make the hole for the bison tube. #IBGCp
a man sitting in the back seat of a car holding an electronic device with one hand
Awesome reflector cache found in someone's driveway! Gotta love premium caches...
a hand holding an old wooden toy in the snow
Brian Lareau on Twitter
Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to cache we go! A bison tube is boring, but things like this make them more fun (and easy) to find. (Brian Lareau pic) #IBGCp
two pictures one shows a door handle and the other shows a lock on a piece of wood
A nicely integrated geocache. I like the addition of the geocaching "G"; it means nothing to muggles but reveals the spot to geocachers. (skaubystine pic)
two pictures showing the process of cutting grass with scissors and other tools, including a garden hose
Down the tube! The hint was chains. (collage made from websta by
a man holding up a large green barrel in the middle of a forest with trees
Geolympix 2020 on Twitter
Not your typical micro in the woods! That may be the biggest bison tube I've ever seen, and the easiest to spot hanging in a tree. :) GC6D877 in BC, Canada. #IBGCp
an object that is on the ground with some kind of wire attached to it's end
Tony on Twitter
A nice job on turning this bison tube into a stealthy fake bolt geocache. (kokohawk pic) #IBGCp
a toy lizard with its mouth open and tongue out, in the middle of a log
Someone apparently decided a bison tube by itself was too boring, and geocachers appreciate that! (katiekay79 pic)
an apple hanging from a tree branch with leaves around it and a rock in the middle
Lee 🌲 🚶 🍺 ⚽️ 🧭 🌶 on Twitter
You can't put an apple in a geocache, but sometimes an apple IS the cache. This also makes a bison tube in a tree easier (and more fun) to find. (UK Geocacher pic) #IBGCp