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The Twelve Vínartertas Before Christmas Day 12: Life with Vínarterta: Arden Jackson who has been baking vínartertas professionally for over a decade said the cakes are "an expression of love" and "made with love." Read more about its meaning in the Dec 24 IR "Roots News."
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The Twelve Vínartertas Before Christmas Day 11: Can you remember a time without vínarterta? Nancy: I've never had it but I want to try it! Beverly: I am the one who did not like vinarterta growing up. I remember my mom making it and people loving it. I believe it had six or seven layers and the filling was prune. There was also an almond type icing which I think was the part I did not like. I have ordered some so I can give it a try as an adult and see if my opinion has changed. Kids are weird.
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The Twelve Vínartertas Before Christmas Day 10: Cardamom: in the filling, dough, both, leave out, or on the side? Karen: Must always taste test the warm ground prune filling to ensure cardamom flavouring is good, just like I did when I was a kid! Patty: Light cinnamon spiced prune vinarterta. Ruth: Prunes with almond extract sugar and cardamom
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The Twelve Vínartertas Before Christmas Day 9: Do you have any “secret” steps or ingredients not listed in the recipe? Susan: My Amma, mom & now I make it in November. It's a Christmas thing. I still use my Amma's recipe, I modify it a bit, but not often. Ruth: I used Hulda’s recipe in the Riverton Hnausa Lutheran cookbook, of course with alterations, my Amma used milk not water, & I never use cinnamon, always substitute cardamom and put both almond extract & cardamom in both cookie & filling.
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The Twelve Vínartertas Before Christmas Day 8: Do you dream of change? Terri: . I’m a traditional prune-filling person. When I suggested anything else, my family was horrified. I’m contemplating a rhubarb experiment. Kathy: 6 or 7 layers--I don't have a requirement --just so it looks about right--round, unfrosted. Any filling is good as a sweet, but it is not really ‘terta unless it is prune-filled. And fresh ground cardamom--the more the better—I’ve modified a recipe I have used for years.
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The Twelve Vínartertas Before Christmas Day 7: Can you break with family tradition? Patty: I love 7-layer, light cinnamon spiced prune vinarterta. I grew up without icing but my in-laws always had pink icing at Christmas and white icing for Easter. Terri: I use my Mom’s recipe. Karen: Haven't made any adjustments to the terta recipe my Mum had, even though details were sparse with information missing in the recipe card!
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The Twelve Vínartertas Before Christmas Day 6: Is it addictive? Connie: When I was in Iceland and spoke to a woman at the National History Museum, she was surprised it was still popular at weddings in Canada as Icelanders in Iceland found it old-fashioned. Karen: 😁 My one daughter wants me to make it more often!
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The Twelve Vínartertas Before Christmas Day 5: There’s only one way to make a vínarterta. Everything else is an imposter. Ruth: 7 layers. I broke the rule once when I finished baking I was one cookie short so I made a rebellious 6 layer and we ate it that night! Karen: My Mum and numerous aunts made it .. seven round layers ....prune filling ... cardamom flavouring .. no icing. Recipe handed down from my Lang Amma.
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The Twelve Vínartertas Before Christmas Day 4: Is that chocolate filling? It’s chocolate…right? Kathy: My memories include removing the pits out of several pounds of prunes each year and grinding the filling. PA: . One memory: being allowed to gush around in the cooked prune mixture to remove all the pits.
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The Twelve Vínartertas Before Christmas Day 3: Christmas time or Anytime? Kathy: It is most often tied with Christmas and our Icelandic celebrations. Lois: . We make it for Christmas and are teaching our children to make it because my kids and grandkids all like it!
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The Twelve Vínartertas Before Christmas Day 2: Square or Round? Ruth said "Round all the way! Trimming the edges is a bonus treat!" Karen agreed "Round 'terta, then sliced and as you said, placed on a plate to see all the yummy white/black layers!" Nancy says, "We had square, but edges trimmed, oh the tasty part!"
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Enjoy a taste of Iceland: Jolakaka is also known as (Christmas Cake). Don't be fooled by its seasonal name, this delicious treat is enjoyed all year long. I added a teaspoon of lemon zest to this recipe to add a subtle zip. Recommended to wait until the next day to enjoy with a fresh cup of coffee.
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Read about Þorri and Góa.
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Its a good day when you combine a freshly brewed Cup of Coffee and a Kleinur. A popular Icelandic Doughnut with a crispy outside and a tender inside. #coffeeandkleinur #icelandicdoughnut