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Ideal Way Co-Founder, Robert Pio Hajjar, delivers "I CAN. YOU CAN." all over North America. Robert is transformative! Standing ovations from 350,000 people in…
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the front page of news paper with a man holding up a picture frame and smiling
two men helping another man put on his shirt in a room full of other people
a group of people standing around a table with a man in front of it smiling at the camera
a group of people standing next to each other in front of a building with trees
three men in suits and ties are looking at a piece of paper that is being held by a man in a wheel chair
a man sitting on top of a piece of luggage
a man in uniform standing on top of a bench next to a group of people
two people standing in front of a brick building talking on their cell phones while another person stands next to them
a wooden frame with some pictures in it
A charity and a dream realized with $62.05.
a man standing at a podium with his hand up in the air while holding a microphone
I have Down syndrome and I am proud of it!
a man sitting in front of a group of children
You can do anything.
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a man giving a speech with a quote above it that says, the cards i was death are not as important as how i play them
"The cards that were dealt to me in life are not as important as how I play them". ~Robert Pio Hajjar