The Story of Ideal Way (Scrapbooking)

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a man and woman looking at papers on the floor in front of a filing cabinet
a man and woman sitting at a table with an open book in front of them
a table covered in photos and papers on top of a floor next to a chair
a ticket for the concert is sitting on a table
an image of a man with his arms crossed in front of him on top of a book
an open book with a man standing at a podium in front of it and his arms outstretched
a sign that says help you reaffilled your dreams
there is a painting on the wall that says,'inspirational'and two red flowers
an open book with pictures and writing on the pages, including a man speaking into a microphone
a child's handwritten card with the words perseverance written on it
a man and woman sitting at a table in an office setting looking at each other
an article in a newspaper with the words great poetry knows no stereos on it
a brochure with an image of people on it and the words w ideal way
a poster with a man holding a piece of paper in front of him that says, a brief story of ideal way