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DIY yarn wrapped branch teepee, yarn bombing, for kids

a curious (& minty) cabinet.

How much more fun would tidying away be if these pretty pastel pieces were involved? Quiet Design Collage Cabinet by Sigrid Stromgren .

John Hoyland.

An entry from I never will speak word.

"John Hoyland is among England’s premier abstract painters. These silkscreens, done in the early are an exception to Hoyland’s generally more muscular, scratchy, smeary color field paintings"


Future gift for Severus. IKEA kitchen with DIY upgrades to be used for imaginative play, and learning fruits, veggies, baking, and cooking.

Muted pastels by beppe brancato

Pastel interiors often look very stylish and attractive, especially if you combine two or more pastel colors that match. One home dominated by pastel color


Pastel - Necco Waffers - My Grandpa's favorite, he always let me have the chocolate one

kinder GROUND Lets You Be A Rug Designer in main interior design home furnishings Category

kinder GROUND Lets You Be A Rug Designer

Colorful modular carpeting system by kinder GROUND . Great for a playroom or kid's room.