printed material inspiration

This is a journal in which uses the CRAP principles throughout the layout including the contrast between the title type and main body text. Repetiton can include the use of a header on top of every page, the black rule on top of pages containing type.

printed material inspiration

Eye-catching pastel and graphic layout design for a book about diy-stuff. The book uses the shapes of the diy-products in its layout design. OK omin käsin -book by Riikka Kantinkoski and Susanna Vento

love the vignettes on these shelves

The Secret Kitchen ~ Gourmet Food Store - these open ended shelves really help the product pop - shop & pantry

Indoor Garden Styling /

Indoor Garden Styling (Beeldsteil)

Give your house and your garden a beautiful eyecatcher with the Wire Pot and Wire Disc from Norm Architect designed for Menu. Love the design, material and

Landon Metz.

Landon Metz - Varying Degrees of Absurdity - 2013 - Dye and canvas

ILĀ concept of simple logo on brown paper bags, repetition of simple object such as this as a vignette

Brown Bag

An oversized and hand letterpressed bag to enclose your ILĀ gifts. All of our items come in cardboard boxes that can easily stack inside this bag making it's pr

copper cups by Yield Design Co, for inspiration and perhaps to incorporate more warm metal into the space

YIELD — We are an independent designer and manufacturer creating New American Standards. Furniture, housewares and accessories defined by forward design and considered craft.

printed material inspiration

AphroChic: Recipes and entertaining inspiration in the new book, Sunday Suppers: Recipes + Gatherings