American freedom

Discover the true essence of American freedom and its significance in shaping the nation's history. Learn about the principles and ideals that define the American spirit.
Norman Rockwell - Freedom of Speech (preliminary version) The Saturday Evening Post, February 20, 1943 Illustrators, Art, Norman, Portraits, Freedom Of Speech, American Artists, Great Artists, Norman Rockwell Prints, Norman Rockwell Paintings

Telling Stories is the first major exhibition to explore in-depth the connections between Norman Rockwell's iconic images of American life and the movies. Two of America's best-known modern filmmakers—George Lucas and Steven Spielberg—recognized a kindred spirit in Rockwell and formed significant collections of his work. Rockwell's paintings and the films of Lucas and Spielberg evoke love of country, small town values, children growing up, unlikely heroes, acts of imagination and life’s…

Melody Dodd