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Enhance your gaming experience with unique and creative arcade control panel designs. Discover top ideas to build your own customized control panel and take your gaming skills to the next level.
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Example 4-Player Arcade Control Panel Thanks to James Van Horn here is the example project panel shown on our header I built this loaded 4-player arcade control panel for my best friend Mark and have everything ready to build one for myself too We didn t hold back We knew we wanted the best components

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Introduction: Four years ago, the Tesla Coil Graduation Project lit up my backyard with hundreds of thousands of volts, bringing an end to high school and affirming my electrical engineering endeavors. This time, the end of my undergraduate career at Penn State is nigh, but I plan to finish it with more practicality and much […]

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If you've ever played a fighting game on a home console for any serious length of time, you've probably been frustrated by the inaccuracy of the analog stick/d-pad. I tend to press the buttons pretty hard and after a while the controller feels creaky and loose, and the buttons feel all mushy. I then become less accurate and it becomes frustrating instead of fun. There's a reason the best fighting game players use arcade sticks. Accuracy. You can buy a quality arcade stick or build your own…

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How to Make a Custom Control Panel for Elite Dangerous, or Any Other Game: So you want to make a custom switch panel for Elite Dangerous, or some other game, huh? It's easier than you might think. I made one, and people like it... My original post on Reddit If you've never used an Arduino or done any coding, this is a pre…

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