Assessment for learning

Discover practical strategies and techniques for implementing assessment for learning in your classroom. Enhance student engagement and improve learning outcomes with these proven methods.
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Assessment for Learning (AfL) is the process of finding out how much progress students have made in their learning and then planning next steps for them. What does successful AfL look like? Strateg…

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Explore our comprehensive collection of classroom resources, including classroom posters, engaging activities, classroom management techniques, and more. Enhance your teaching and inspire your students with these valuable insights.

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In this post, you will find 27 Formative Assessment Tools for Your Classroom! Formative assessment is such an essential part of the learning process and student success, and many digital tools can help support this process.This list has a wide variety of features and options to help you solidify your formative assessment strategies! Many of the tools below are great for both formative and summative assessments.

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