Baby lovey

Discover a range of adorable baby lovey ideas that will bring comfort and entertainment to your little one. Find the perfect lovey to soothe your baby and make naptime and bedtime more enjoyable.
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This is my Turtle lovey pattern. It's so adorable and easy for a child to hold and carry. This crocheted baby comforter will help the child feel secure and beloved. And makes for some super cute baby photos! It's made with a super soft chenille yarn and cotton yarn. If you love crocheting loveys and

Cristy Mobley
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The Bunny Baby Comforter Lovey looks so lovely and sweet, soft and comfortable for kids to play. A perfect Easter home decor. or gift to kids

ann juran
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10 Crochet Animal Lovey Blanket Patterns Baby Shower Gifts. Crochet Animal Lovey Blanket Patterns Baby Shower Gifts curated by The Yarn Crew.

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This idea is lovely and simple -make simple granny square blankie and add cute amigurumi bunny in the center. A crochet lovey is a must have!

Mariah Culver