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Indulge in a soothing and rejuvenating experience with our collection of luxurious bath soaks. Discover the perfect bath soak to help you unwind, relax, and pamper yourself after a long day. Treat yourself to a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own bathroom.
Top image is a close up of a bath salt blend with coarse flaky white and punk salt mixed with dry orange calendula flower petals, red dry rose buds and lavender buds. Bottom image shows the same bath salt blend in a glass jar with flip top lid open, and flower petals scattered around the jar. Bath Salts Diy Recipes, Diy Bath Salt, Diy Bath Soak, Herbal Bath Salts, Bath Soak Recipe, Natural Bath Salts, Bath Salts Recipe, Bath Salts Homemade, Bath Salts Diy

Learn how to make beautiful homemade bath salts using natural ingredients like epsom salt, sea salt, herbs, flowers, and organic essential oils. Perfect for self-care or a thoughtful DIY gift to share, bath salt soaks help alleviate stress, tension, sore muscles, inflammation and more. #bathsalts #herbs #naturalhealth #diybathsalts

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****Ships between 3-5 days****** Made in Small Batches with Love and Intention Ships from NYC, USA Made to soothe and relax, give the gift of self care for yourself or a loved one/. This bath soak combines organic oatmeal ,dried organic lavender, hemp oil and epsom salts. Run a warm or hot bath to your liking, pour in some bath salts into the tub, wait about 5 mins for salt to dissolve before getting it in the tub. 9oz jar Oatmeal- -Moisturizes the skin -Anti-inflammatory/Anti-oxidant -Stops…

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Image of three bath soaks in jars on a wooden stool in front of a bath tub. One jar has a blue label, the middle has a pink label, the one on the right has a green label. A hand is reaching in to pick up the pink jar in the middle Bath, Botanical Bath, Bath Products Packaging, Natural Soap, Bath Salts, Herbal Bath, Diy Beauty, Diy Bath Products, Natural Bath

Reinvigorate yourself with our natural bath soak range – you deserve it. Made from custom blends of ancient minerals and herbs, our range will have you feeling relaxed, soothed, scrubbed and refreshed in no time. Shop our full range at #herbalbath #bathsoak #bathsalts #herbalbathtea

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