Caramelized sugar

Learn how to perfectly caramelize sugar for amazing desserts and sweet treats. Explore a variety of recipes and expert tips to create rich and flavorful caramelized sugar creations.
All right. How to make a wet caramel. In my last post, I explained all about the difference between wet and dry caramel. Just to recap: dry caramel is made with just sugar. This makes dry caramel more difficult to make because it burns quite easily and the sugar crystals can clump together, resulting in grainy...Read More » Dry Caramel, Caramel Icing, Portuguese Desserts, Baking Stuff, Burnt Sugar, How To Make Caramel, Caramelized Sugar, Tough Cookie, British Baking

This is the easy way to make caramel. By cooking the sugar with water, you ensure that all the sugar crystals dissolve and liquify before caramelization occurs, and you end up with a smooth, evenly cooked caramel. Because there's water involved in this technique, it's called 'the wet method'.

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