Coffee area

Transform your home into a cozy coffee haven with these creative coffee area ideas. Discover how to create the perfect space to relax and enjoy your favorite brew.
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We see a lot of Kmart in the kitchen… and for good reason! The chain-store King has so many budget-friendly, stylish buys that it can be hard to say no to! But how about kicking it up a notch and taking on one of these Kmart kitchen hacks?! They’re a fun and affordable way to ...

Gemma Perucha
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Weekend coffee is the best! There’s no rushing to get ready for work, it’s just a simple small thing that I look forward to all week! We get to sit on our porch in our rocking chairs and just take our time drinking it while relaxing. When we were building I knew that I had to have a designated space for my coffee bar that wasn’t on my kitchen counters. We added this buffet in our dining room for the coffee bar and it’s perfect spot and one of my favorite spaces in our home! I wanted it to…

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Here's how to style a coffee station with these simple tips Are you a huge coffee lover? To tell you the truth, Jimmy looooves coffee but I don't drink it all. I'm a big tea lover so really this post could be all about how to style a coffee AND tea station. I wasn't planning

Jenn Matthews