Crochet curved horn pattern

Explore our collection of unique crochet patterns for creating curved horns. Enhance your amigurumi creations with these eye-catching designs and bring them to life in a whole new way.
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Last year, I crocheted my own version of a viking hat, and this year I got a request for a similar hat, only with more curved horns inspired by the demoness on the left: Dude, this was fun to make! I was a little nervous about the horns, especially because I was working with bulky, unconventional yarn for 3-D crochet. But once the first one started taking shape, I liked what was happening.

Beth S
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Ever since I made it, Kel has been overwhelmed by the utter glory of my beardhat. (roughly translated: kept stealing it and stroking his chin) When we were looking at all the others the internet had to offer, he kept commenting on the horns and the braided beards (I know the yarn is nuts, but there are 9 braids on the top layer of that beard) so when I (most secretly) made his this past week, I added it all in. The techniques for the hat and beard were basically the same - lots of popcorn…

Beth S
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Some years ago I knitted Kemberly Chapmans 'Baby's First DNA Model'. I translated the pattern into crochet, but never got it together to actually crochet it. Instead I tweaked and twisted it, until it become The Curly Whirly. Another useless, but fun piece of crochet that fitted well with the other crocheted coral I was making at the time. (Named after a favourite childhood sweet!) I have included the theory behind the stitches, because, I think, it makes it a lot easier to crochet, and you…

Karla Haney