Crochet oval eyes amigurumi free pattern

Discover a free crochet pattern for oval eyes in amigurumi. Use this pattern to make adorable characters with expressive eyes that bring your creations to life.
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Sleepy Crochet Cartoon Eyes - Repeat Crafter Me

Just add eyelids! Transform those Cartoon Eyes into sleepy eyes with the addition of crocheted eyelids. That's all there is to it! They give these eyes so much character and make them even more versatile. To begin this project, you will need to make the Crochet Cartoon Eyes. I have a very detailed tutorial and

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Crochet in Color: The Pink Panda - pinning for the eyes. Amigurumi Patterns, Pandas, Panda Crochet, Crochet Character Hats, Hello Kitty Crochet, Panda Eyes, Crochet Eyes, Pink Panda, Crochet Panda

The Pink Panda

Finally...I know, I know. I keep promising this pattern, but life seems to get in the way. Materials Worsted weight yarn (pink, black, & white) You'll need less than 3.5 oz of pink and small amounts of black and white Size H crochet hook Yarn needle 2 black buttons Size Fits a child, teen, or small adult head I made this hat for a 6 year old and it barely fits my head. (I have a pretty small head) Note: For this pattern I did not join each round. I hate the seam, so I just kept going around…

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Joy Inspired Crochet Hat - Repeat Crafter Me Crochet Baby Hats, Amigurumi Eyes, Amigurumi For Beginners, Repeat Crafter Me, Crochet Eyes, Pink Yarn, Crochet Applique, Crochet Beanie, Main Character

Joy Inspired Crochet Hat - Repeat Crafter Me

If you haven't seen Disney Pixar's Inside Out, you need to! It's a movie based around 5 feelings that are in a young girls head: Anger, Sadness, Disgust, Fear... and JOY! Joy is the most important emotion, the main character in the movie and after many requests, I have crocheted a Joy inspired hat! I

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