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Discover eco-friendly kitchen ideas to create a sustainable and environmentally conscious space. Make small changes that have a big impact on the planet and your daily life.
Looking to make your kitchen more eco-friendly? These plastic-free products are a good place to start. You can easily buy them on Amazon. Zero, Appliances, Food Storage, Eco Friendly Kitchen, Food Storage Bags, Kitchen Dishes, Cooking Utensils, Eco Friendly, Stainless Steel Containers

Are you looking to make your kitchen greener? Good news: It’s easier than you think! You probably have most of the items you need—and if you don’t have a locally owned kitchen-goods store nearby, you can easily buy the utensils you don’t have online. In case you’re not on board yet, transitioning to more sustainable

Lauren Dewey Tarr
Title: Sustainable Living - Eco-Friendly Swap #001
1st Image: Disposable Paper Towels
2nd Image: Reusable Paper Towel Roll
Breakdown: 5-year cost
The average family uses 2 disposable rolls per week. An 8-pack is $14, therefore it would be $182 per year. Total for 5 years if $910
The price for 1 set of Reusable paper towels is $30. It's recommended to use 2, therefore it's $60. They each last 5 years. The total cost is $60 Design, Inspiration, Ideas, Eco-friendly Swaps, Eco Friendly Kitchen, Sustainable Living Diy, Eco Friendly Diy, Environmentally Friendly Living, Eco Friendly Living

Try this simple zero waste swap for your kitchen at home. This is the perfect way to save money and live a more sustainable lifestyle. Consider swapping your disposable paper towels in favor of reusable paper towels. Not only will you be saving money, but also helping save the environment. Remember that small changes can have big impacts. Follow our Pinterest for more eco-friendly tips and how to go green at home. #zerowaste #ecofriendly #sustainablehome #lowwaste #sustainable