Indulge in the creamy and rich flavors of homemade eggnog. Discover a variety of delicious eggnog recipes that will make your holiday season even more festive.
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Wondering how to spike your eggnog recipe this year? This expert-approved method is the only guide you need to make your best eggnog cocktail yet. Find out the best types and brands of alcohol to buy (you might be surprised), the correct ratio of spirits to eggnog, and how to fancy your eggnog cocktail up for the holidays.

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The Eggnog Tradition The American drink, eggnog, comes from a long line of English ancestors - custard posset, syllabub, one yard of flannel, and auld man's milk, to name a few. Until about 1870, it was served on many occasions, including Independence and Election Days. Although good at any season, it is now the traditional

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