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Dripping Opinions: Fashion Crush Friday: The Expanse's Chrisjen Avasarala Science Fiction, Belts, Fandom, Animation, The Expanse Tv, The Expanse, The Martian, Expanse Tv Series, Science Fiction Tv Series

Oh boy! We have a badass shrouded in shadow and sumptuous fabrics for you today (feel free to praise that Ssss work btw!). Chrisjen is the Deputy Undersecretary to the Secretary of the United Nations and is a major player in inter-Solar System politics. For our purposes, just know that she's a total Hawk representing Earth's interests against the militaristic Martians and a terrorist faction of the oppressed miners in the Asteroid Belt past Mars. She wears massive, dripping gems, beautifully…

Pamela Jacobs
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Review by JD Piche, RCRs Producer, and Pop Culture expert, follow him on Twitter at @misadventurer We’re a hundred years in the future, people have been living on the moon and Mars, and we’re start…

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