Fibro flare

Discover effective tips and remedies to manage fibro flares and find relief from symptoms. Take control of your fibromyalgia and live a more comfortable life.
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A fibromyalgia flare up is an acute attack when symptoms are more intense. Some flares only last for a day or two but others may continue for several weeks or even months. Just like your symptoms, the causes of your flare-ups can be very specific to you and your condition.

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It's good that Lady Gaga was talking openly about fibromyalgia, don't you think? Here are some things that she has said about living with it... Living with any chronic pain condition is not fun and to get support for it from people in the limelight is wonderful. I think this is especially true of Fibromyalgia which still has the stigma of not being taken seriously, by many people, even some in the medical profession. When people are in the process of getting a diagnosis we have to tell them…