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what would happen if the entire Droid Army received the Shut Down Command but didn't follow it and evacuate to a new Galaxy with the Separatist Council? join the Droid Army as they are thrusted into a new world with all their resources, commanders, units, vehicles, fleets, and council as they now battle an alien threat that known as the Banished along with the UNSC.

Roy Wayne
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The Resistance is in desperate need of help when they find themselves impossibly pursued by the First Order. While Rey travels to a remote planet called Ahch-To to recruit Luke Skywalker to the Resistance, Finn and Rose, a mechanic, go on their own mission in the hopes of helping the Resistance finally escape the First Order. But everyone finds themselves on the salt-planet of Crait for a last stand.

Josh Jones
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© 2021 Joan Piqué Llorens, The Templin Institute. Concept illustration for The Templin Institute. An effort to redesign Star Wars' First Order's fleet and make them more nuanced, plausible and menacing. Released as a part of video series for May The 4th 2021. Original concept design by James Clyne. 3D Models by SilverMobius and EC Henry.

Ronaldo Oliveira
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The AAL-1971/9.1 Troop Transport, also known as an Atmospheric Assault Lander (AAL) or First Order Transporter, was an armored troop carrier operated by the First Order designed to ferry up to twenty stormtroopers from orbital vessels to planetary surfaces. The Sienar-Jaemus Army Systems's Atmospheric Assault Lander was a combat-zone rapid-deployment transport designed to ferry twenty stormtroopers into combat in less than thirty seconds. Measuring 17.83 meters in length, it carried an…

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