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People love transforming their faces into cute dogs or cats with Snapchat - but you know what's better than a human with an animal filter - a beautiful bird with no filter. Bored Panda has compiled a list of best snapchats of wild and pet birds caught on camera just chilling and doing their thing, sometimes in some very odd places.

La Carty
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Most people think parrots are really gifted mimics. Yes, some of them are basically like feathered tape recorders. But some breeds of parrots show a high level of intelligence. They are doing a lot more than just spitting back whatever they hear to their mommy or daddy. Take this video of a bird that’s starring

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You are Y/N L/N. Just a casual normal 17 year old boy with a normal life with a part time job working as the McDonald's cashier. You loved the persona series and you still haven't finished playing persona 5 and haven't tried persona 5 royal. But what if there was a twist in the world? A lot of the fan favorite waifus came into your room through your PC monitor. What's gonna happen Next?

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