Hand poured soy candles

Experience the warm glow and delightful scents of hand poured soy candles. Explore our top ideas to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your home.
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Although I consider myself a candle connoisseur (with an extensive collection of half-burned candles to prove it), I was surprised to find this new candle trend I’d never heard of taking over the internet: wickless candles. What are they, you ask? Wickless candles are exactly what they sound like: They’re candles without a wick (ergo flameless) that you put on a wax warmer — like this one from Amazon — much like you would with wax melts.

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How To Grow Your Candle Business With Social Media?

At this point, most small business owners are aware that their social media presence will impact their long-term success just as much as anything else. While word of mouth and other traditional marketing methods still have their place, there is no denying the impact social media can have on a business’s influence and r

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ElonWick Candle Co. is a black-woman owned company based in Savannah, Ga. Our soy candles are hand-poured made with ethically sourced raw materials. Our fragrances celebrate who we are and where we're from by changing your atmosphere with southern charm and love for the culture in each jar.

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Scented Hamsa hand candle! made of soy wax Hand-poured with love! Our candles are best used as decor, if lit, it recommended to place on a flat fire proof plate! Notes: Small imperfections may present in each candle due to the nature of wax, which is what makes them so unique. Amazing gift for anyone.