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I Photograph Horses In Phenomenal Icelandic Landscapes (37 Pics) Regnul Animal, Cai Sălbatici, Beautiful Horses Photography, Rasy Koni, Cute Horse Pictures, Beautiful Horse Pictures, Horse Wallpaper, Icelandic Horse, Most Beautiful Horses

I Photograph Horses In Phenomenal Icelandic Landscapes (37 Pics)

Hello again! My name is Liga Liepina, and I am an equine photographer in Iceland. You might have seen some of my work in my previous post. What I do is photograph Icelandic horses in the rough, yet stunning Icelandic nature, and I wanted to share with you some of my newest work.

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Peace and Freedom for all Mankind‘~*@-_-@*~‘

I’m a simple Man who love the simple life and enjoy the little things. I love my Job very much; work for a big German Car Producer with the 4 Rings. But I love my Baby, my Love, much more. She is the most important in my Life. Semper fi (-delis) (German Airborne - Paratrooper Vet 🇩🇪 Fallschirmjäger)- Always faithful - IMMER TREU - Love conquers all - I love surfing, the Ocean is my big love, skydiving, aviation and planes, riding mountainbike in woods, ride my Horse and my Bike: a roadtrip…

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Welcome to Eco Equine, the Horse Hippie Blog. Why EcoEquine? Horse Hippies, like me, love the Earth (eco) and Horses (equine) so I created this blog to share with fellow Horse Hippies a bunch of great information on eco-friendly horse care that I have discovered. Horse Hippies also believe in environmentally conscious horse and farm…

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Horse Affection: 10 Clear Ways Horses Show Affection

If you've ever wondered whether or not your horse actually shows affection, you'll be happy to learn that they most certainly do. However, recognizing the affection can be difficult if you're not familiar with the signs to look for. I put together this guide to help!

Victoria Vick