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Discover proven strategies and techniques for instructional coaching that will lead to improved teaching and learning outcomes. Take your coaching skills to the next level and empower educators to reach their full potential.
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Moving into a coaching role as a teacher can be daunting for anyone. You spent years in the classroom perfecting your craft and all of a sudden you are in a new role and feel like a first year teacher all over again. But, you don’t have to. This post serves as a guide for…

Jennifer Hein
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If you are an instructional coach, you probably have a huge binder of coaching forms and data you keep for your campus and on your teachers. I love a good, sassy, chic looking coaching binder! It's something about flipping through your cute tabs of teachers, data, student evidence and professional development that creates an energy within ourselves as professionals. But lets face it....Google is taking over! Technology is always and forever evolving. So I'm trying to evolve with the current…

Wendy Scott
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As an instructional coach, there are certain items that can make supporting teachers easier. Each of the items shared here are highly recommended by myself as a teacher leader working in multiple buildings across a large district. Grab a binder and fill it with essentials like your standards, pacing guide, and teacher performance rubrics. Below…

Amber Fissel Cordova
4 Steps for Creating a Coaching Cycle Schedule | Ms. Houser Pre K, Leadership, Coaching, Motivation, Instructional Coaching Tools, Instructional Coaching, Coaching Skills, Instructional Leadership, Coaching Teachers

Earlier this week, I broke out the cool new pens I got for Christmas and got to work on putting together my coaching cycle schedule for this next quarter. Creating new schedules throughout the year is a cool opportunity for us coaches. It’s kind of like having a mini beginning-of-school-year kick off more than just […]

Kelly Marie
Cupcakes with Coach ~ Setting the Stage for the 1st Meeting – Simply Coaching & Teaching Leadership, Pre K, Coaching, Coaches, Cupcakes, Coaching Teachers, Stage, New Teachers, Coaching Tools

Now that we’ve prepared ourselves with research and gathered materials, it’s time for that 1ST MEETING! But let’s be real, whether this is your first year, or your tenth year as a coach, getting the “teacher buy in” can be tricky. So, after trying to decide HOW I could get the trust of my teachers, and begin to build that relationship, I came up with this ~ Cupcakes with the Coach!

Tasha Bell