Explore the lives of inventors who changed the world with their brilliant creations. Learn about their innovative ideas and the impact they had on society.
First Grade Wow: Historical Figures, MLK and Inventors.  There is a good lesson on MLK Jr. here for first graders.  She has a good example using apples and pointing out that the apple skins are different but each apple has a star inside (cut in the middle of the core).  kindergarten. first and second grade.  homeschool. history. social studies. science. Pre K, First Grade, Teaching, Teaching Social Studies, People, Lesson Plans, Teaching Reading, First Grade Reading, Social Studies Lesson

Hello Everyone! It is so nice to have time to put some finishing touches on a couple of units that we have coming up! Another historical figure we will study after Eleanor Roosevelt is Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. As a nation we celebrate his life daily! Thank you Dr. King! Officially we celebrate on the third Monday of January. I have posted about our activities before, but I went through and cleaned up, and added to my unit. Here are some pics from the updated unit! If you would like the 30…

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