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RCA2022 | Kieran Pathak-Mould

Kieran’s practice contemplates an innate desire to challenge the traditional characteristics of knitted textiles.Often seeking inspiration from alternative, more contemporary crafts and materials, his work questions how exploration of process can result in materials which enhance the aesthetic and functional properties of knitted fabrics.This stems from a longing to create newness in a world of perpetual reiteration. Kieran combines a variety of techniques and processes with hopes of…

The Fabrik Lab

Amy Goacher’s debut collection values slow fashion, British knitwear heritage and beauty held within exquisitely crafted details. Graduating from Kingston School of Art with a BA in Fashion, Amy specialised in knitwear and recalls her “obsession” with knitting came to life during her high school textiles lessons. The ability to build fabrics through knitted construction […]

Jessica Alsobrook
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“Re-constructing Heritage” is a collection inspired by a profound fascination with the Far East and a journey through the contradictions of tradition and modernity. Travelling across China gave me the chance to get in contact with the intense spirituality of Buddhism and to develop an interest in Tibet. The protagonist of this collection is a Tibetan girl mesmerized by the decay of the modern metropolis. Traditional Tibetan clothing and the way they are worn by natives, deeply inspired the…

Sunny Johnson