Love and logic

Discover proven Love and Logic techniques for effective parenting. Empower your child with problem-solving skills and build a loving and respectful relationship.
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I read the parenting book Love and Logic a million years ago when I was a young parent, and loved the whole "natural consequences" approach. When I started teaching, I read the Love and Logic teaching book, and LOVED it. I knew that I didn't like using rewards and punishment, that I didn't like the feel of my classroom when everyone was concerned about if they were going to get a sticker or a point...or lose one. I always believed that building relationships with kids is the key to good…

Mary Wert
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We were model Love and Logic® parents with our first child. From the time she was 8 months, we followed the lessons of this great parenting attitude and it worked! I just had to say, “Ut-oh” and she knew to rethink her choices. But then life happened. My husband was transitioning in […]

Jamie Hill