No sew headbands

Create trendy headbands without any sewing skills. Discover simple and stylish DIY ideas to accessorize your hair effortlessly.
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I admit, this title is very enthusiastic, but it's only because this no-sew headband was so easy to make it really made my day. Since I cut my bangs, I'm mostly annoyed with it, and I just hope for my hair to grow faster. I guess that I didn't mind having hair in my eyes

Jada Terry
Beautiful for a bad hair day or keeping your hair off your face. Easy transition from growing out your hair, too! Diy Hairstyles, Scarf Hairstyles, Turban, Headbands, Head Wrap Headband, Turban Headbands, Peinados, Turban Style, Haar

I have been growing my hair out for what seems like years (finally its all grown out!) and a couple of years back I started making turban style headbands so that I could wear my hair back (during that "in between stage") while making a fashion statement. And for the last couple of years I've been receiving TONS of inquiries about how I create them. So I have FINALLY put together a little tutorial on how I make them and wear them! 1. I always use jersey fabric because its nice and stretchy…

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