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L'Oreal Print Advert By McCann: This Is An Ad For Men - Lipstick, Mascara, Nail Polish | Ads of the World™ Social Media, Leadership Roles, Women In Leadership, Marketing Campaigns, Marketing, Copywriting Ads, Graphic Designer, Advertising Campaign, Beauty Ad

The sad truth about gender equality in Germany: Men dominate the management and executive boards - with 91.4%. Time to prove that women belong in leadership too. Based on a data project, L'Oreal Paris collected and analyzed several studies and data sets with results that led to the first cosmetic advertising for men. Simplified infographics with products prove that women belong in leadership roles. For good reasons: With women in 30% of management positions profitability increases by 15%…

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While Alzheimer's disease isolates 153,000 Quebecers and that, by 2031, it is estimated that the number of Quebecers with a neurocognitive disorder will increase by nearly 70% This campaign emphasizes that caregivers are so invested in the person they love that they can become overloaded with daily tasks.

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Over the years, we at Bored Panda have released quite a few pieces on subpar design. And while these publications are incredibly fun to prepare and scroll through (just take a look at this one), we need to balance them out a little. After all, not every designer is an incompetent 3-year-old. Some of them are 4... light-years ahead of the competition.

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