Quality time

Make the most of your time together with these ideas for quality activities. Discover ways to create lasting memories and strengthen your bond.
~~Time Travel Haikus 5-7-5 by CityGypsy11~~ Ticks, Design, Geek Stuff, Steam Punk, Cool Clocks, Craft Room, Clock, Fibonacci, Case

If I could go back, Where would I want to go first? To the beginning. _________________________ My big quantum leap. I'm covered in quantum foam. Quantum foam, it makes me roam. _________________________ Do not be worried. Fear ye not the paradox. It's not your timeline. _________________________ I want to go back, To the Garden of Eden. Alas, I can not. _________________________ Complex Multiverse. Infinite Infinity. Mirroring Mirrors. _________________________ Someone once told me, "A…

Karen Johnson-Mclaughlin