Raku pottery

Discover the art of Raku pottery and how it can add a touch of beauty and uniqueness to your home. Explore top ideas to incorporate Raku pottery into your decor and create a truly stunning space.
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Our new range of hand made Raku Pottery birds and hearts are truly exclusive as no two will ever be the same. Created using a 450 year old ceramic process from Japan, the pieces undergo a complicated glazing process and are decorated using fire and smoke. This ensures that every piece created is not only enchanting but also completely unique. I have been taking more styled photos today of some of the new Cavania gift lines, Raku Pottery birds and hearts, every time I get the task of doing…

Tammera Pepin
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Raku pottery has its roots in the production of bowls for 16th century Japanese tea ceremonies. Hand-molded clay was fired quickly to low temperatures, removed from the kiln while hot and cooled quickly in open air or water. The modern variations of Raku technique dispense with the lead glazes and have been extended in many ways. While preserving the low-temperature firing (approximately 1700 degrees Fahrenheit (925 degrees Celsius), and the quick cooling, many variations and enhancements…

Eileen Matthews