Seed heads

Explore the beauty and versatility of seed heads with these creative ideas. Discover how to incorporate seed heads into your garden or use them for unique DIY projects.
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Hello there, fellow Bloggers! Thank you ever so much for your comments on my last post. They are truly appreciated. Well, it seems like a really, really long time since I last did a posting. We went to Devon for the week and so I have been minus my trusty computer. Although, I did have a laptop with me, I found it incredibly hard to leave comments on some blogs as the screen just kept freezing. I told the OH that I found it extremely frustrating. He just said "Well, we are at the end of the…

Graham Hall
Seed Head // I thought this picture would be a great picture to draw with pencil

1, 2 & 3. Angelica ‘Archangelica’ or Garden Angelica, Holy Ghost or Wild Celery. This delicate seeds head is part of the Apiaceae family or Umbeliferae. Angelica is one of our favou…

holly irvine