Social media checklist

Optimize your social media strategy with this essential checklist. Ensure you cover all the key elements to maximize your marketing efforts and achieve success on social media.
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One of the questions I get asked most as the social media manager here at Buffer is: How do you break up your day in order to get the most out of social media? Up until recently, I hadn’t really thought about it much. A little bit of content creation, curation, audience engagement, emails, outreach, and some Buffer scheduling. I kept wondering, is there really a social media manager formula for success? How are other social media professionals spending their time during the day? Do we share…

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The Social Media Planner to help you succeed, grow, increase engagement, sales, and traffic is finally here! This social media planner has been carefully crafted to help online entrepreneurs, bloggers, Etsy shop owners, influencers & virtual assistants start, grow, and successfully maintain all channels of social media. Whether you are just starting out or further along in the game, this planner is the right one for you. ___________________________________________________ WHAT WILL THIS…

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Hmm, I feel like I’m forgetting something. OK, where to begin? These thoughts will sometimes race through my head when I’m sitting down to focus on social media time. I’ll fire up Twitter and Facebook and Buffer and want really bad to ensure that I’m covering all my bases and spending time in the best way possible. And on the good days, I’m right into the groove where I know exactly what to do next and what are the most important tasks that need to get done. The difference for me is with mak

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