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Uses for Baby Powder (That Will Amaze You) Flo Jo, Patchouli Essential Oil, Natural Essential Oils, Bio Baby, Pet Wipes, Tanning Tips, Tanning Lotion, Self Tanners, Dog Allergies

Most people only think of baby’s bottoms when they think of baby powder, but there are so many other uses for it. And you can get a decent size bottle at the dollar store so stock up and get more use out of baby powder. Sand Removal If you spend any time at the beach […]

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Clubman Pinaud Talc for Harmon Talc Powder, Body Powder, Chapped Skin, Irritated Skin, Shower Powder, Bath Shower, Clubman Pinaud, Beauty And Personal Care, Health And Beauty

What is it? With over 200 years of grooming experience, Clubman Pinaud is a trusted brand. Clubman has been celebrated for producing quality grooming products since its foundation in the early 1800's. We strive to help men smell, look and feel their best. The Classic Powder has been specifically formulated to help control moisture to keep you cool, calm and irritation free all day. A unique blend of Cornstarch, Zinc Oxide and Kaolin keeps your skin feeling dry and smooth. Combined…

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