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A collection of old concepts I worked on for the Expanse Seasons 2-3, while I was at North Front Studio. These go all the way back to my very first days working in concept art! Art direction by Ryan Dening and Tim Warnock who helped me out tremendously all through the Expanse years - will always be grateful to those lads for teaching me everything I know. A lot of these images include some degree of paintover or design input by them. Check out their work…

O Stahley
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Skiffs refer to smallest of craft that are often used for short range transportation.[Citation needed] Utilized by both the United Nations (UN) and the Martian Congressional Republic (MCR) as well as by Outer Planets Alliance (OPA) and civilians for transport between vessels, stations, and planets. Variants include military dropships, short range shuttles, and repair skiffs. The shuttle UN One is a VIP aircraft/shuttlecraft for use by the Secretary-General of the United Nations. The shuttle…

Sebastian Wagner