Vegetarian chicken

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Really “meaty” tofu cooked down in homemade teriyaki sauce, that’s sweet, savoury, and pretty addictive. Served the tasty tofu “chicken” teriyaki with some steamed short grain rice and vegetables. This is one of those really satisfying dishes that’ll make you want to keep pouring more and more teriyaki sauce over as you dig in. The teriyaki sauce is really versatile that you can use the sauce in many different ways—whether as a dip, glaze, marinade, and so much more!

Lisa Dee
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These vegan Orange Cauliflower are crispy pieces of cauliflower that are coated in a sweet and tangy orange glaze. I’ve created a vegan glazed orange cauliflower ‘chicken’ recipe that reminds me of those from Panda Express!You can also opt to bake the cauliflower instead of frying.

Ali Baptista