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Look what arrived in the post today - some beautiful original Buchla pamphlets! They came in a really nicely designed envelope thing and inside was an original 100 series user manual (I only scanned the cover here because it is already online somewhere - though not scanned very well, so I might scan mine at some point), and a pamphlet about electronic music written by Hubert S. Howe. Also inside were some typed documents explaining all the modules, and these are what the info on the Buchla…

Victor Augusto
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The VCS3 (nicknamed the Putney) is an analog monosynth housed in a distinctive angled wooden case, a truly classic synth. EMS (Electronic Music Studios) was created in England back in 1969. The VCS3 was one of their first synths and it is still a great, unique, funky little unit! Pictured above is the Mark I model. Pictured is another unit with the small wood-cased DK2 voltage-control keyboard required to play the VCS3.

Yasuo Otsuka