Vinyl record crafts

Explore a collection of creative and unique vinyl record crafts that will inspire your DIY projects. Transform old records into stylish and functional items for your home with these DIY ideas.
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If you’re Gen X or older, you probably remember being yelled at when you scratched your parents’ vinyls. Yes, vinyl means something different among millennials and zoomers, but back then, a vinyl was a grooved record that needed delicate handling and storage sleeves. In fact, lovers of vinyl records still cringe at the concept of

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Vinyl records aren’t just for listening to music. There are of lots of ways you can repurpose them. Here are 16 ways you can repurpose your vinyl records. Vinyl Butterflies Trace the shape of a butterfly onto your record and place your record on top of a piece of tin foil that is placed on...

Catherine Ward

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