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I Dig Bitcoin
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PB Mining is currently facing difficulties. I got the following auto-response from their support:  "pb mining is currently a failing business and a recovery is trying to be made. if you feel you have suffered a loss i am sincerely sorry, our losses are very large as well. there are thousands of customers affected by this. other options are also being looked at for sources of recovery. *This is an automated message. *"

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Russia may ban Bitcoin in 2015: http://idigbitcoin.com/russia-may-ban-bitcoin

Russia may ban Bitcoin in 2015: http://idigbitcoin.com/russia-may-ban-bitcoin

Cryptocurrency Flaws Exposed in $50K Mining Experiment http://idigbitcoin.com/cryptocurrency-flaws-exposed

Want to make money off Bitcoin mining?

Haslet Solo - Awesome new deal from GAW Miners!

Haslet Solo - Awesome new deal from GAW Miners!

One of the many advantages to bitcoin.

“I declare open the Games of London, celebrating the Olympiad of the modern era.” If you watched the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic London Games you probably heard Queen Elizabeth utter …

How to Mine for Bitcoins: A Simple Tutorial

[Leaked News] BitCrane to Release the World’s Most Powerful Bitcoin Miner! Find out more about its features and release date @ China Android News!

Bitcoin Beginners Guide

The board for free bitcoins! If you are interested in getting free bitcoins, stop by. We will be posting links to all the places to get free bitcoin on the net. Learn and get some of the new hot electronic currency!

Gridseed Dual Miner Review: 2-for-1 Mining

:- It is the powerful tool which comes with 20 Gridseed Units each module offering 20 USB Cables very low power consumption and preloaded 1 Raspberry Pi with mining software.

What is a 51% Attack? Should Bitcoin Users be Worried?

As Ghash.io’s hashrate approaches there has been no word from the pool's operating exchange, CEX.