Belle carte de fête des mères!

Kids to make for Gramdparents' Day or Mother's Day? LOVE this handmade card! How cute would this be for the kids to make create as gifts for our international convention delegates.


Little flowers in shape of heart with mini beads in the center of the stamp.A lifetime is not long enough to love you - would make a great tattoo quote


Easy DIY Pop Up Cards. This one is with balloons, but you can add whatever. Easy simple template for pop up cards.


Hey, everyone! We& survived the blizzard of I think. It only gets better from here, starting at 12 or 13 below.they SAY we sho.


Fantastic way to showcase your red buttons! Draw (or in this case sew) a heart shape and fill it with buttons of all shapes and sizes. Chipboard "I" and "U" complete the look of this handmade valentine's card.