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Wedding Cha Bar
Say 'I do' to a unique wedding experience with our barista-served chai! Steering away from the typical self-serve chai cart style, indulge in freshly made chai, expertly served to you and your guests. Let's make your special day unforgettable!
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World's First Mobile Cha Bar
Indulge in the world's first mobile Cha Bar by Cha Da Cup! Elevate any event with our expertly crafted chai blends served on the go.
Chai at your baby shower
Always a good idea to have a Cha Bar at your bridal or baby shower.
Cha Bar by Cha Da Cup
Chai is a must at any wedding or corporate event. From our Signature Masala Cha to Kashmiri Pink Chai have our baristas served you fresh authentic chai at your next event.
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Chocolate-Covered Biscuits
Experience pure delight with Cha Da Cup's heavenly chocolate-covered biscuits! Dive into the perfect harmony of crunch and sweetness that perfectly complements your chai moments. It's a treat made just for you!
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Cha Bar
Unique Chai Bar experience for your private event. Serving Chai the traditional way. We’re dedicated to reshaping how you enjoy cha, a beverage intertwined with culture, tradition, and connections, steering away from the typical self-serve chai cart style.
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Chai in a perfect cup
Discover the rich tradition at Cha Da Cup's Cha Bar! Dive into the authenticity and delightful flavors of our cha.
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Mathri and Punjabi Mix Perfect with your Chai
Treat yourself to the perfect cha companions! Pair your flavorful cha moments with Cha Da Cup's delightful Mathri and Punjabi Mix. It's the ultimate snack match made in heaven!
Unique Cha Bar Experience
The way chai should be served. Unique Cha Bar Experience Beyond the usual chai cart, our skilled baristas are here to make your event unforgettable. Indulge in a variety of delicious cha flavors expertly crafted just for you and served that way it should be. Prefect for your next event should it be a wedding, baby shower or corporate event.
Cha Bar by Cha Da Cup
Cha Da Cup introduces - The Cha Bar! Elevate your special occasions with the irresistible aroma of authentic cha, meticulously crafted by our skilled baristas. Whether it's weddings, baby showers, or corporate events, indulge in our exclusive array of cha blends tailored just for your celebrations. Let our adept baristas serve your guests with handcrafted authentic cha, steering away from the typical self-serve chai cart approach. Ready to infuse your event with cha goodness? Bookings now open on our website! Join us for an aromatic journey that elevates every moment!