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Embrace the power of storage throughout your home. Explore smart storage solutions for your living room, kitchen, bedroom and beyond. With clever shelving…
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an ikea box with folded clothes in it
Out of the way and ready for another day​
Storage cases for seasonal clothes let you take back control of your storage spaces. Saving time and energy during your morning routine.
an open drawer in a kitchen filled with utensils and other food items,
Kitchen Lighting - Under Cabinet Lights
LED integrated lighting means your secret stash of chocolate will have to be moved. On the plus side: you’ll never loose the bottle opener again.
there are many shoes hanging on the rack in this room, and one is empty
Use a GRUNDTAL s-hook to hang each shoe individually - both a smart storage solution and an easy way to inspire your shoe choice each morning.
there are two pictures of a bedroom with clothes in the closet and on the bed
Shop Quality & Affordable Products
Having trouble picking the right outfit? Try sleeping on it!
an image of a bedroom setting with purple and white decor on the walls, bedding and closets
Bedroom furniture and ideas for any style and budget
Let vivid colours brighten your day from the second you wake up
an open closet with clothes hanging on the shelves and baskets in it, next to a bed
Having an organized space is the first step to a clear mind.
Having an organized space is the first step to a clear mind. Create a space that's restful by night, and inspiring by day with these Spring bedroom tips: ​ ​ Tip 1: Plants uplift overall mood and have air-filtering benefits. ​ Tip 2: Crisp linens and new textiles add freshness to the room. ​ Tip 3: Replace heavy bedding with a lighter and cooler duvet or throw. ​ Tip 4: Wardrobe organizers help streamline daily routines.
a bedroom with white furniture and clothes on hangers
Look what I found at IKEA
Open concept design without compromising storage with our STOLMEN chest of drawers.
an organized closet with clothes, shoes and other items on shelves in front of a mirror
IKEA Pax Walk In Closet
PAX closet inspiration
a magazine cover with an image of a closet
Ikea Pax Wardrobe Photos
Organization inspiration featuring our PAX wardrobe.
a white bed sitting in a bedroom on top of a hard wood floor next to a dresser
Simple and elegant bedroom inspiration.
a bedroom with clothes on hangers and a table in the corner next to it
The solution to an organized bedroom? PAX wardrobe systems.​
The solution to an organized bedroom? PAX wardrobe systems.​
a bed sitting under a glass cabinet next to a white table
For things too pretty to pack away
there are two pictures with plants in them and one has a blue shirt on it
Limited laundry space? If you have a covered balcony, take your wet laundry outdoors – it will free up space inside, plus keep drying laundry out of the way.
a white closet filled with lots of different types of clothes and shoes on it's shelves
Bedroom Storage - Closet Systems & Storage Ideas
Your-drobe. The IKEA Wardrobe Event is on now until June 25th, with 15% off all wardrobes.