On Canada's birthday, 144 things Canadians have given to the world apart from Canadians.

Speaking Canadian....

Do you speak Canadian? Words and phrases unique to Canucks - Democratic Underground

Going viral: Alana Phillips, from British Columbia, praised Canadian Prime Minister Justin.

Canadian Memes, O Canada, Niagara Falls, Calm

From Meanwhile in Canada on facebook

An exploration of LDS Mormon doctrine and culture, with both a humorous and serious point of view.

O Canada

from CBC News on facebook. (Photo submitted by CBC North viewer Lenora Barrett)

How much more Canadian can you get? Lenora Barrett took this incredible photo of RCMP G Division commanding officer Ron Smith (and her dog Cinder, who was adopted from the RCMP kennel), at Vee Lake, near Yellowknife NWT last week.

Front page of the Dec. 2015 edition of the Toronto Star: "Welcome to Canada,

Pinball  :-)

Pinball :-)

Sgt. At Arms

New Super Hero, Sergeant at Arms, Canadian Parliament