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Testing Out a Rosco Gel Kit for Creative and Colorful Photographic Lighting Cyan, Stripbox Grid Full CTO, Blue, Softbox Cyan, Magenta. Using five light sources each of them with some gels. Photography Studio Setup, Photography Lighting Setup, Photo Lighting, Photography Lessons, Photography Women, Light Photography, Photography Tutorials, Creative Photography, Digital Photography

Testing Out a Rosco Gel Kit for Creative and Colorful Photographic Lighting

I received a Rosco Gel kit a week ago, and after a few tests I can say I really love using all the awesome colors for my photography. The kit includes

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Photography Viewpoints and Camera Angles

Follow our guide to photography viewpoints and camera angles for tips on viewpoints to shoot low and how to utilise viewpoint to photograph from up high

With Color Gels Use a beauty dish on a strobe (red) and a simple flash (green).Use a beauty dish on a strobe (red) and a simple flash (green). Colour Gel Photography, Photography Lighting Techniques, Photography Lighting Setup, Portrait Lighting, Photo Lighting, Light Photography, Photography Tutorials, Beauty Photography, Creative Photography

Shooting With Color Gels

There are times when I find myself shooting the same stuff or using the same lighting setup over and over again. Repetition helps to improve and fine-tune my skills, but sometimes it just feels boring and degrading, let alone useless for my portfolio. But as much as I dislike feeling stuck and repeating myself, I now realize how such times in fact help me to become a better artist and shooter. It's usually the desire to entertain myself and experiment that leads me to new personal artistic…

See How Photographers Use Creative Lighting Techniques To Capture The Perfect Shot – Best Photography

Calumet travelite 750r monolights (A), aimed directly at the subject, without diffusion. rimlights, two Quantum Qflash t5d-r flashes (B), reached the boxer unmodified by softboxes, umbellas, or other forms of diffusion. Black fabric backdrop from a Calumet heavy-duty background stand (C) and supported his lights with Calumet lightstands (D). He shot with a Canon EOS 5D Mark II and 24–70mm f/2.8L lens (E). Calumet travelite 750, with softbox (F), provided weak fill to open up the shadows.

Strong – Pascal Thériault on Fstoppers Studio Fotografie Licht Beleuchtung Bunt Inspiration Neon kreativ Idee Model Fotograf Gelled lights combined with high contrast editing. Strong pose from model Sabrina Bouchard . Colour Gel Photography, Light Photography, Creative Photography, Digital Photography, Portrait Photography, Fashion Photography, Modeling Photography, Photography Guide, Beauty Photography

Strong - Pascal Thériault on Fstoppers

Gelled lights combined with high contrast editing. Strong pose from model @sabrinabouchard .

Gibson exposed for sec at ISO He adjusted color and contrast in Adobe Lightroom and cloned out the light-stands in Photoshop.

Geniales consejos de iluminación y fotografía

Estos consejos de iluminación y fotografía, me recordaron una campaña de una famosa marca de cámaras donde mencionan que no hay que tomar fotos, sino...

A single strobe and softbox was used to create these rembrandt style portraits. They are beautiful, soft and simple, echoing the error of Dutch master painters and their love for large and soft, singular light sources. Low Key Photography, Studio Portrait Photography, Portrait Studio, Photo Portrait, Photography Poses Women, Portrait Poses, Female Portrait, London Photography, Photography Courses

Soft Light Rembrandt Style Portraiture in Studio

Elegant portraits with a single Godox AD600 strobe and 48" wescott octabox for soft, rembrandt style dutch lighting against a dark grey seamless paper backdrop

Infografía o Esquema de Iluminación – Lighting Infographics or schemes – Systèmes d'éclairage ou Infographies Iluminación # Flash schemes photography set up tip

Egner Photography

This has become one of my most used light modifiers and I'm really glad I bought them. Hopefully Lastolite will add pop-up functionality to the next version!

Should you really like photography you actually will appreciate this website!

Westcott University — Real Deal Review: Quick Portraits with the Rapid Box Duo

Ohio portrait photographer Matt Day goes on-location to shoot quick male portraits while reviewing the new Rapid Box Duo dual-speedlite softbox by Westcott.

portrait photography & studio lighting - influences & inspiration - Tangents - Photography, Landscape photography, Photography tips

portrait photography & studio lighting - inspiration

I used one light with an Octavian (held by my assistant Jake) with a battery pack. Studio Lighting Setups, Photography Lighting Setup, Portrait Lighting, Photo Lighting, Flash Photography, Sport Photography, Outdoor Photography, Light Photography, Amazing Photography

I used one light with an octabank (held by my assistant Jake) with a battery pack. It was on full power to over power the ambient and make the clouds look dark and stormy. My assistant Kicked sand in the front and I throw it to the back. We only did a few before it turned out like this. He is actually standing still and posing. Model: NIKON D700 Firmware: Adobe Photoshop CS4 Macintosh Lens (mm): 15 ISO: 200 Aperture: 5.6 Shutter: 1/250