Daddy loves to feel his Baby Girl’s body. Daddy My body is yours, Daddy … xoxo

Free beer for Canadians!

A Canadian walks in a bar in Germany Dedicated to: My Canadian Cousin -

We're not crazy!

I often use this excuse for my eccentricities, and no one's the wiser.

Haha, I love this!

Funny pictures about Canadian protest. Oh, and cool pics about Canadian protest. Also, Canadian protest photos.

Kardashians! Awesome! hahaha

Ok, really not photograph to LOVE in the sense of amazing photography, but this picture is hilarious. What' snot to love about a photo that's got to be SO embaressing for the Kardashians? talk about awkward family photo.


Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) yelling 'another successful interaction with a man' after a Borders employee smashes her cardboard cut out for her book Dealbreakers.