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Where's my box says the dog

Where's my box says the dog

Canuck sorrow

Canuck sorrow


Aerial bow view of the Iowa-Class Battleship USS NEW JERSEY firing its nine caliber guns simultaneously.

Battleship Wisconsin, Hampton Roads Naval Museum, Norfolk, Virginia

(Hubby would love to take a vacation to see any battle ship) got to plan this soon!Bow view of USS Wisconsin with her main guns trained to port side, Gulf of Mexico, 30 Aug 1988


funny billboard sign drinking rum before 10 am makes you a pirate not an alcoholic

Battleship USS Texas at sea

Dreadnought era battleship USS Texas late in showing the massively enhanced anti-aircraft armament carried at that stage of the war by capital ships of all navies. She is preserved in Galveston, Texas. Incorrect, shes docked in La Porte, Texas.