Grimblewoods Volume 1

It’s time to have fun with the Grimblewoods Collection Vol. 1! These 6 patterns were previously exclusive to the Gnome Club from Jimmy Beans, but now they’re…
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the grimblewoods collection vol 1 is shown in front of a green field
The Grimblewoods Collection Vol. 1
a stuffed animal with a knitted hat on its head sitting in front of a blue sky
knitted christmas gnomes in different colors and sizes, with the names on them
The Grimblewoods Collection, Volume 1
the grumblewoods collection vol 1
The Grimblewoods Collection Volume 1 Knitalong!
many red and white mushrooms are in the middle of a field full of wildflowers
a knitted stuffed animal sitting on top of a snow covered ground with the words feet above it
a knitted hat on top of a stuffed animal with the caption'i like your gnome thanks, it has pockets '
there is a knitted gnome sitting on top of a small bag with the words, grandma
Gnormanda of Grimblewood
Gnormanda von Elfenstein is a famous egg gnog spokesgnome. Rumour has it her glorious and famous braids are a wig, which is puzzling because other gnomes just change their hair using magic.